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Dell M. Cromie

Important News about Oil Heat!

Dell M. Cromie

Dear Friends,

With domestic oil production reaching its highest point in 43 years, most experts expect oil prices to stay lower for the foreseeable future. (Last winter, heating oil prices were the lowest they’d been in six years!)

But the good news about oil heat goes beyond lower prices and abundant supply. Heating oil is getting greener, cleaner and more efficient in dramatic ways.

Meanwhile, there are big concerns that natural gas pipelines might not be able to distribute enough fuel when temperatures enter the frigid zone. Last winter, there were reports of low gas pressure, leading to a loss of heat for some folks. Additionally, a new study reported by The New York Times revealed that leaks from methane — a greenhouse gas that is the main component of natural gas — were far greater than the EPA had estimated.*

These emerging trends create the need for strong evaluation when considering a switch from your current heating source to natural gas, which could be an expensive decision depending on your situation.

By sticking with safe, dependable oil heat and upgrading to high-efficiency, clean-burning equipment, you can keep your heating bills reasonable without sacrificing an ounce of comfort.

Most important, you can feel good knowing we are here for you with reliable deliveries no matter what winter brings.


Dell M. Cromie

*The New York Times, 8/18/15

Heather Nareto

Ask Heather

Heather Nareto

Q: Do you charge extra for automatic deliveries?

A: No. Our automatic delivery service helps us lower the cost to you because it’s a more efficient way to set up our delivery schedules. Automatic delivery service means you never have to worry about monitoring your tank levels. We use a proven method based on the weather and your past usage to calculate when you’ll need a fill-up. We can also factor in things like weather forecasts and expected road conditions to stay on top of our customers’ needs.

If you are not signed up for automatic deliveries, it’s important to give us enough time to schedule your delivery — especially if bad weather is expected. Keep an eye on your tank gauge — it’s best to call us when your fuel level reaches the one-quarter mark. This will give us enough notice to schedule a delivery for you.

energy efficiency

Meet the New Oil Heat

The American oil revolution is bringing lower prices and plentiful domestic supplies. But that’s just the beginning. A new formulation of heating oil is becoming available that burns super-clean, is ultra-efficient and is infused with renewable BioHeat®.

Oil heat emission chart

Cleaner than ever

While solar energy and wind power continue to capture headlines for their potential, one of the exciting developments in the energy world has been the expanded use of BioHeat® fuel.

This is a combination of low-sulfur heating oil and biodiesel, which is made domestically from dozens of natural sources, including soybeans, sunflowers and pumpkin seeds.

As the most refined grade of heating oil, BioHeat® fuel burns significantly cleaner and has little negative impact on the environment. When used with a technologically advanced oil heat system, it produces near-zero levels of particulate matter during the combustion process.

What’s more, BioHeat® fuel is made in America and requires no modifications to your existing system.

Production is up, prices are down

Oil prices are down

The new American oil revolution is now a reality. Domestic oil production just reached its highest point in 43 years! As a result, most experts expect oil prices to stay lower for the foreseeable future.

use less oil

Meet the New Oil Heat cont.

Higher efficiency and bigger savings

The oil heat industry continues to make technological breakthroughs that promise a new era of higher efficiency and bigger savings for everyone fortunate enough to heat their home with the new heating oil.

  • New oil heat systems now boast efficiency ratings as high as 95%, providing more warmth with less fuel than ever before.
  • Recent studies show potential fuel savings as high as 48% when replacing an outdated boiler with a new, high-efficiency oil boiler.*
  • Many new oil boilers incorporate energy-saving controls that can reduce fuel usage by as much as 10% and provide a more even heat.
  • High-efficiency oil furnaces now feature variable-speed motors that use as much as 80% less electricity.

*Source: New York State Energy Research and Development Authority.

What about the tank?

A heating oil storage tank offers an important advantage: the ability to safely store an adequate supply of heating oil that’s ready for immediate use whenever a need to heat the home arises.

Today’s aboveground tanks are worry free and virtually leak proof. Most oil tanks are now built of corrosion-resistant materials. In many cases, new aboveground tanks are double-walled and come with alarm systems if there is any discharge.

Plus, the newest generation of aboveground tanks generally can be installed in small or unusually shaped spaces.

In short, today’s tanks provide peace of mind and convenience—in addition to all the other benefits of heating your home with oil!

The greater the efficiency, the MORE you SAVE! This chart shows average savings from upgrading to a new system with 85% efficiency.

System upgrade average savings

Source: American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy. Average savings vary, depending on square footage of home, number in household, insulation quality and other factors.

Three ways to use less oil

  1. Distribute heat evenly in rooms by running a ceiling fan in reverse. By recirculating the warm air trapped near the ceiling, you can lower your thermostat.
  2. Install smart programmable thermostats to automate your home temperature settings. You could reduce heating oil usage by up to 10%.
  3. Add outdoor reset controls to your boiler. Your boiler’s water temperature will automatically adjust, depending on the outdoor temperature. This can save you hundreds on your annual fuel bill.
shoveling snow

We Want to Keep You Warm!

Shoveling snow

When you maintain a clear path to your fill pipe or tank, it makes our drivers’ job safer and easier. This is especially important in winter, when snow and ice can slow us down and cause delays.

With that in mind, please follow these tips to help our drivers get to everyone safely:

  • After a snowfall, please clear a 12-inch-wide path to your tank.
  • Flag your underground tank dome so drivers can find it quickly.
  • Make sure your driveway is plowed on delivery days. Our trucks need a 9- to 10-foot-wide path in order to maneuver. Safety regulations prevent us from delivering on slippery or unsafe driveways.

If you have trouble clearing snow, please let us know and we will help you find a solution. We want to keep you safe and warm this winter!

Winter Is Coming…Are You Ready?

“Be prepared” is a good motto when it comes to winter weather. Besides taking care of your heating equipment, there are other smart ways to keep your home comfortable and lower your energy costs. Talk with us about popular programs like payment plans and automatic delivery service.

On our end, we’re always prepared for the worst. We have on-site fuel storage tanks so we can fi ll our trucks and deliver fuel to customers even if power is lost for an extended period of time. Additionally, we have an emergency response plan in place, so when severe weather is in the forecast, we’re ready to handle it.

We thank you for making us your fuel company, and we look forward to serving you this season — no matter what winter brings us.

efficient systems

Efficient Systems Use Less Fuel

Efficient systems

While it’s our business to provide you with high-quality fuel, we also like to give our customers money-saving advice.

Although we don’t offer equipment service, we always recommend that you get your system serviced and checked before winter. In addition to improving equipment performance, annual maintenance can prevent costly breakdowns.

If you have an older system, you may want to consider updating to new high-efficiency equipment that can help you lower annual fuel bills by as much as 30%.

For an estimate on the cost of replacing your old heating system, or to request a heating system tune-up, please call Valley Plumbing and Heating: (724) 842-1621.