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Get the Most from Your Heating System

To get the most out of your oil heat system, check out these tips on how to keep it running safely and efficiently.

  1. Keep the area around your system as clean and clutter free as possible. Never store anything flammable near your system!
  2. Keep registers, baseboards and radiators clean and unobstructed to ensure maximum airflow.
  3. If you have a steam boiler, check the water gauge periodically. Low water levels are a leading cause for shutdowns. Steam boilers should also be “flushed” when the water in the gauge looks rusty.
  4. If you have an oil furnace, change or clean the filter on a regular basis during the heating season. Dust, dirt, pet hair and other debris all get trapped by your filter. A dirty filter compromises efficiency and can even result in a shutdown.
  5. Never set your thermostat below 60 degrees. When your thermostat setting is too low, you risk frozen pipes. Water pipes near outside walls or in unheated spaces are especially prone to freeze-ups.

Comfort and Savings: Stay with Heating Oil

We have seen significant improvements in oil heat’s efficiency and cleanliness, thanks in large part to vast reductions in the sulfur content of heating oil.

Every gallon of oil we deliver is low-sulfur fuel, which means it burns more cleanly, with lower
emissions, for improved heating efficiency and easier maintenance.

Plus, we only deliver Ultra Heat Premium Oil, which includes an additive that helps prevent the formation of sludge and algae in your tank. This means that fuel lines won’t become clogged, a common cause for system shutdowns.

Heating oil with a low sulfur content opens the door to super-efficient heating systems, which can increase the advantages of heating oil over natural gas even more.

Heating oil is already more efficient than natural gas. You need to burn about 40% more natural gas to receive the heating equivalent of oil. That’s another reason more people are sticking with oil and not switching over to gas.

So don’t miss out by converting to another fuel that is less efficient and less safe than oil heat, which keeps getting better with every passing year.

To sign up for oil heat delivery, give us a call, or contact us online.