Your service is superb and we thank you.

Thank you all very much for years of great service. Your office staff is so patient, kind and professional any time we have ever called. Our questions are answered and problems solved immediately.”

– L. Zanotti

“As a loyal customer since 2003…

…I truly appreciate the service Glassmere provides. Your personal touch as well as the employee efforts at Glassmere are much appreciated. I prefer phone calls to emails or other internet communication and am glad that Glassmere still offers ordering via phone, payment in person and payment options to fit customer need. Thank you for many years of wonderful, personalized service.”

– L.A. Wisniewski

“Your drivers are the nicest people I know…

…all of them since 1987.”

– M.J. Strain

“You showed concern for our safety.

You took care of our propane problem in an excellent and wonderful manner. Too bad all businesses aren’t like yours.”

– T. Storm

“I am quite impressed with your way of doing business.

It is not often that one runs into a company that actually cares. You have certainly earned my continual business and a definite good word to my oil consuming friends. I needed to let you know that people and companies like Glassmere make a difference in this world.”

– C. Busotti

“I’ve been with Glassmere Fuel for 23 years.

It’s a great company and I really appreciate the fine service it provides.”

– A. Kallner

“Your budget program has been a real blessing to me and my family.

We were having a financial struggle and were not able to afford fuel oil. Because of your program we were able to get fuel oil this year and able to keep our home warm. I cannot thank you enough for making this possible for us and for being there for our family. Your services and budget program have made a difference in our lives. Just knowing that Glassmere is there for us means a lot.”

– M. Hobi

“Much appreciation and thanks…

…to Matt for walking in the deep snow to get to our tank. We really appreciate it.”

– R. & D. Eberle