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Congratulations to Grand Marshall 2020: Alfred the Basset Hound!

Alfred in 2018.


Drum roll please………………

We are proud to announce our 2020 Board Waddle Grand Marshal!

Leading the hounds this year will be a very special senior boy. Please give a warm welcome to: Alfred Cromie

Alfred was purchased from a Basset Hound Club of America registered basset hound breeder and has lived with Linda and Dell Cromie since he was 12 weeks old. Alfred has a big family and is lucky to live with his son Dr Gordon Freeman and his grandson Ralphie. When Alfred was only 10 weeks old he and one of his litter mates posed for the Hush Puppies website. Alfred is now 12 years old, he is deaf and he is a cancer survivor but that does not stop Alfred. His mom reports that he loves to go to work with his dad. He wears his own tie and even has his own executive leather chair that he refuses to share with anyone else. Alfred and his family care about the homeless hounds in rescue and pay it forward by supporting the homeless hounds in need. 

Congratulations Alfred our 2020 Grand Marshall for Tri State Basset Hound Rescue’s Board Waddle in the 35th annual Doo Dah Parade. 

Last year was a record waddle year! Attached are our top 10 waddle donors in order. Thank you to everyone who contributed to help us save the hounds. 

TOP TEN (in order of highest to lowest pledges)

Jay & Connie Lieberman 

Dell Cromie  

Annika & Brian Francis 

Phil & Angela Villari  

Dawn VanKeuren 

Sally Long Dog 

Sharon Zimmer 

Bessy & Roscoe’s Waddle Crew 

Mike Aaron  

Candice Anne Rodgers

Tips for Halloween Weekend

Halloween is almost here! Scary, right? We’re all very excited. But before you push your kids (or grandkids) out the door to trick-or-treat, or to attend a Halloween party, remember to think about Halloween safety first! Let’s fill the spookiest day of the year with fake scares, not real ones, throughout Allegheny County.

Send your kids with a flashlight

Of course, you would never tell your kids to go down streets without adequate lighting, but on the off chance they don’t stick with the planned trick-or-treating route, it’s best they be able to find their way back with an additional light source.

Give your kid a phone for Halloween night

You know what’s spooky? Not being able to contact your kids. We assume nothing will go wrong, but pushing a phone into your kids pocket with your number on speed dial should give everyone peace of mind as they wander the neighborhood.

Make sure they have emergency contact information

Perhaps you have your own “adult” party to go to and won’t be readily available in case of an emergency, or you just want your child to have options. A piece of paper, or a note on the phone you gave them with emergency contacts and info, will be a lifesaver if something does happen.

Making sure our kids have lots of laughs and plenty of fake spooks this weekend is a time-honored tradition. But plan ahead with these few tips. You wouldn’t want Halloween to turn into a night your kids want to forget.

You know what’s scary?

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