Material Safety Data Sheets

At Glassmere Fuels, safety always comes first. We use and sell only premium products and do our best to ensure they are used and handled in a way that is safe for our employees, our customers and the environment.

MSDS safetysheets

Glassmere Fuel proudly serves the highest quality fuels. We place a high interest on the safety of our customers and employees. Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) explain the hazards associated with chemical and other potentially hazardous products and outlines precautions to avoid those hazards. These are the Material Safety Data Sheets of the fuels we supply.

Gasoline 87N 10% Ethanol
Gasoline 89N 10% Ethanol
Gasoline 93N 10% Ethanol
Racing Gasoline 260 GT With Ethanol

Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oil SAE 30 M06 7193
Diesel Motor Oil 7196 SAE 15W_40 10 TBN
Universal Tractor Transmission Oil H42 7352
Transmission, Final Drive Hydraulic 7354 SAE 10W TO-4 C-4

Power Service Additives:
Clear-Diesel Fuel and Tank Cleaner, Concentrated Formula – 12-27-2012
Diesel 911 – revised 11-15-2012
Diesel Fuel Supplement +Cetane Boost – revised 12-20-2012
Diesel Kleen +Cetane Boost – revised 11-15-2012

Off-Road Diesel:
Low Sulfur Diesel Dyed 15 PPM

Nonroad 15NR2 B2 Dyed
On Road ULSD 15MV2 B2
On Road ULSD 15MV2 B2 – Winter
On Road ULSD 15MV2 B5
On Road ULSD 15MV2 B5 – Winter

Clear/Dyed Kerosene 15 PPM

Propane HD-5

Home Heating Oil:
#2 Heating Oil