Fuel Giveaway Winner: Janis Dortenzo

Fuel Giveaway winner from a customer feedback campaign.

The Challenge of Winter Deliveries

Our drivers are experts at maneuvering their trucks, but safety codes prohibit us from navigating our vehicles on slippery driveways.

Winter Problems: What Steps to Take

Cold weather can bring many challenges, from dry skin to uneven heat or even no heat at all. Here are some solutions.

The Rush to Electrification

Many state and local governments have been adopting the strategy to “electrify everything.”

Personally Speaking: Putting 2020 Behind Us

All of us are relieved to put 2020 behind us and begin a new year. We can only hope for better things to come in 2021.

Snapshot: Greg Hetrick

Meet Greg Hetrick!

Shortway: We’re here for you

An important message from Glassmere President, Dell M. Cromie

We make heating oil easy

Our priority is the safety of
our people and customers.
And no matter what,
we are here to ensure
that your fuel needs are

Oilheat’s Future: Net-Zero CO2 Emissions

Forward-thinking industry leaders have embraced an impressive vision for oilheat.

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Coronavirus Message from Glassmere Fuel

A company message about Coronavirus from Glassmere Fuel Service