Dell M. Cromie

We never leave you out in the cold

I’ve been in this business for a long time, and I don’t recall a period as brutal as the cold
snap the region endured from mid-December to mid-January.


Level out your fuel costs

Heating costs can really add up during extremely cold winters like the one we just experienced. That’s why we offer the Level Payment Plan, which makes managing your household budget a lot easier.

How much do you know about today’s oil heat?

Surveys have shown that while heating oil customers have exceptionally high levels of satisfaction with the service they receive, most don’t realize all the ways today’s oil heat can enhance their comfort and save them money.

Oil Heat Specialist

Ask Heather

Heather Naretto, Glassmere Fuel’s oil heat specialist, answers a question many people had this past winter: Why wasn’t my house heating up?

Snapshot: Scott Bajack

As Glassmere’s fleet manager, Scott Bajack describes his primary role as “keeping everything rolling down the road.”

Rebate Available on New Oil Fuel Tank Install

It’s time to upgrade and save! Get a 250 dollar rebate on a new aboveground oil tank install.