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These days, we could all use some convenience. Here are four ways we can make your life easier this fall.

Ask Heather: Low Sulfur Heating Oil

Heather responds to a question on low sulfur heating oil!

There’s no place like home

Here’s information that we hope will make you as safe and comfortable as possible all heating season long.

Snapshot: Greg Hetrick

Meet Greg Hetrick!

Shortway: We’re here for you

An important message from Glassmere President, Dell M. Cromie

We make heating oil easy

Our priority is the safety of
our people and customers.
And no matter what,
we are here to ensure
that your fuel needs are

Oilheat’s Future: Net-Zero CO2 Emissions

Forward-thinking industry leaders have embraced an impressive vision for oilheat.

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Coronavirus Message from Glassmere Fuel

A company message about Coronavirus from Glassmere Fuel Service

Feel Safer at home

A word on power outages, DIY, and generator safety Power outage = no heat During power outages, even though customers have fuel, they can’t get heat. Unfortunately, your heating system will not run without electricity — regardless of whether your fuel is heating oil, natural gas, propane or, obviously, electricity. (Only some very old heating […]

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Ask Heather: What is a heating degree day?

Q: What is a heating degree-day? A: Heating degree-days help us to calculate when you need a fuel delivery. For every degree that the average daily tempera‑ ture is below 65°, we count one degree-day. So, if the average temperature on any given day is 25°, that’s equivalent to 40 degree-days. The heating season runs […]