Pipeline explosion update

After the natural gas explosions that occurred in Massachusetts last summer, there was a great deal of speculation as to the cause. Now, federal investigators have identified the reason for this disaster, an event that killed one person, injured 20, destroyed five homes, and damaged more than 100 more. According to the results of the investigation, a natural gas company field engineer made a mistake in the plans he developed for construction work to upgrade a natural gas distribution main. The investigators concluded that the explosions could have been avoided if all involved departments had inspected the plans and a registered professional engineer had approved them.

This is yet another demonstration of the risks faced by homeowners who heat with natural gas. Heating oil is a much safer option than natural gas — oil cannot explode, even if you drop a lit match into a bucket full of it. We take no chances in the handling and delivery of your fuel, and we devote a considerable amount of time to ongoing safety training.