Oil Delivery Services

Get peace of mind with convenient automatic oil delivery in Southwestern Pennsylvania

Ultra Heat

Glassmere’s automatic oil delivery service eliminates the risk of running out of heating oil. When you sign up for automatic deliveries, you can rest easy, knowing you’ll always have fuel in your tank.

  • Never run out of fuel
  • No need to monitor tank levels
  • It’s free!

Take something off your to-do list! When you sign up for automatic oil delivery, you enjoy multiple benefits: Not only do you get to relax knowing you won’t run out of fuel, you eliminate the hassle of watching your tank levels and setting up a delivery appointment. Glassmere Fuel even takes into account the weather and temperatures, and will schedule deliveries sooner when weather goes from mild to wild and you suddenly have to crank the heat.

Fuel delivery your way

If you prefer to monitor your tank level yourself, sign up for will-call service. When you need a fill-up, give us a call and we’ll be right over!

Summer fill-ups are a great way to save: Fuel prices are often lower in the warmer months, and you’ll start the heating season with a full tank at a good price.

Contact us today to become a customer or Sign up for automatic oil delivery and enjoy the benefits.

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