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Lower your heating bills with Glassmere Fuel’s convenient payment plans

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Let Glassmere Fuel help you reduce your fuel bills with one of its economic home heating oil payment plans.

  • Credit card
  • Level Payment Plans
  • Prepay plans
  • Cash discounts
  • Open account

With prices for heating oil fluctuating so much these days, it’s hard to plan ahead. And with winter weather that’s just as unpredictable—mild Decembers, March blizzards—you never know when you might get hit with a huge fuel bill. To help you budget for heating costs—and even lower your monthly fuel bill—Glassmere Fuel offers several convenient plans to help you save and budget your heating bills.

Make Payments Predictable!

Our Level Payment plan breaks your fuel bill into 10 affordable monthly payments, so your heating bills will always be predictable and manageable. And you are protected from fluctuations in the cost of oil. We’ll calculate your rate based on past usage—and you’ll receive our cash rate all season long.

If you prefer, opt for our open-account plan. You’ll get 30 days to pay interest-free, and receive cash discounts for payment in full within three days of delivery.

Pay with a major credit card and receive our cash discount price.

We accept Discover, Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

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